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Illustration: our combination makes us special
Our combination
makes us special
We combine state of the art network technology with prime data centers and leading real-time communication. We are the next generation IT Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS. These are our assets.
Illustration: security by design
Security by design
Professional data traffic remains in private space and is therefore physically protected from unauthorized external access. DDoS attacks are impossible.
Illustration: low stable latency
Low stable latency
To ensure global, real-time communication, the network is integrated exactly where it should be – in the cloud infrastructure and the application, eliminating overheads.
Illustration: private network
Private network
We built an independent optical fiber network throughout Switzerland connecting our B2B clients with HIAG owned data center locations in Switzerland. From there, a direct connection to global peering points in Frankfurt and Milan ensures the fastest possible access to global peering.
Illustration: scalable solutions
Scalable solutions
Capacity as you need it, we guarantee instant scalability. Full bandwidth is always available as, unlike others, we don’t do overbooking. You only pay what you use. As you grow.
Security through our private L2 based network
Speed through guaranteed bandwidth and low latency
Flexible Scalability through virtualization of the IT Infrastructure and “pay as you use”
Global through leading internet peering in Switzerland
  • L2 based private network – no L3 Overhead
  • Guaranteed latency: 0.5ms/80km
  • No bandwidth overbooking – you get what you pay for – 1:1
  • Symmetric Access Bandwidth: 1Gbps/10Gbps/100Gbps
  • End to End encryption up to 100Gbps with no impact to latency
  • Guaranteed network up time of 4h in case of a power outage
  • Total initial capacity of 9.6 Tbps
  • Best in class TCO: 1/1Gbps to one of our laaS centres starting at 700.- CHF/Month